Jo Wu is an author born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she studied Biology and Creative Writing at UC Berkeley. She has been published in anthologies, and her short story, “Devoured by Envy,” was praised by Publishers Weekly as “the most Gothic of the successful stories” from the gothic romance anthology Darker Edge of Desire. Recently, she has been included in Insignia 2020: Best Asian Fantasy Stories and People of Color Destroy Lovecraft.

When writing, she can be found accompanied by a plethora of goth mugs constantly refilled with green tea, while blasting a mix of metal and orchestral scores. When she is not writing, she will be sewing her next costume, deadlifting her next powerlifting goal, auditioning for voiceover gigs, and planning events for the Asian Employee Resources Group for her fintech company in the Bay Area.

Jo is proudly represented by Tricia Lawrence of Erin Murphy Literary Agency.

5 Fun Facts:

  1. Models, cosplays, and acts under the alias Carmilla Jo.
  2. Her first publication was during high school, in the comic anthology Gothology: Misery Loves Company
  3. Her best pull-up reps at the time of this writing is 12.
  4. The nickname “Vampire” has followed her since middle school, and a manager at one of her day jobs in her adult life nicknamed her “Vampire” without knowing she’s been called that before!
  5. Won’t shut up about the TV show Samurai Jack ever since it debuted on Cartoon Network in 2001. If you bring up Samurai Jack, she will talk your ear off.
Like…REALLY talk your ear off.
I mean…5 Samurai Jack cosplays, and still not done!

Hosting and speaking her CRX Chat speech “Samurai Cinema’s Influence on Samurai Jack” at Crunchyroll Expo 2017
One of the official Samurai Jack comic artists, Ethen Beavers, drew her cosplay as genderbent armored Jack fighting alongside Season 5 Armored Jack himself!
Ethen Beavers also drew her Aku couture cosplay!
Won Best in Show in Adult Swim’s 2020 Cosplay Cup Contest
Was one of the featured cosplayers in the Samurai Jack cast live Ship It Show, hosted by voice actress Tara Strong.
Here’s her desk. Okay, now back to writing!