Wax & Wane Pre-Order!


What a wonderful way to end 2015 and start 2016! Back on November 30, I submitted my fantasy short story, “Vial With Her Cure,” to Nosetouch Press. Literally one day later, on December 1, my story was accepted by the editors, D.T. Neal and Christine M. Scott! Fastest acceptance ever. I was so giddy!

Getting work published always feels amazing, and the sensation is further enhanced when your work gets published in a book with a BEAUTIFUL cover! Just look at this cover. I think this is the prettiest-looking anthology I’ve been in yet!


And this hardcover! Wow, I am in love. Even though I get a complimentary paperback copy, I think I’ll just snag a copy of the hardcover for myself. 🙂

Just updated my Twitter cover photo too, to show off the beautiful cover artwork even more.

Wax & Wane is currently available for Pre-Order from Amazon, and will be available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook.

Also, Nosetouch is seeking patrons. If you love speculative fiction, I suggest checking out their Patreon page.

To end this post on a non-writing-related subject, here’s a photo of some of the fabrics from my Samurai Jack genderbent cosplay, which I just started working on this past week, and am hoping to finish in time for AOD (Animation on Display) in February.

How is your 2016 starting out? 🙂


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