56k Words in 24 Days to End April 2020

When I started my novel on April 7 with a mere 785 words, I thought, “Okay, I’ve never written a novel in a month before, let alone LESS than a month, but here I go, challenge accepted.”

It’s the last day of April, and I hit my goal of 55k words for today. Not only that, I surpassed it and it 56k words.

56,120 words!!!!

I’m elated. If you told me one month ago I could write a novel in 24 days, I would have looked at you like you were crazy. And here I am! I feel like I was bulking, and now it’s time to cut, only for words and not for body composition.

I’m very excited to edit and polish this crazy piece of speed-written MG fantasy, along with starting the 31 Days of Asian Authors series! I am very much looking forward to sharing with you an exciting lineup!

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