31 DAYS OF ASIAN AUTHORS, DAY 10: Yangsze Choo

Name: Yangsze Choo

Website: https://yschoo.com

Asian background: Originally from Malaysia, I Iived in a number of different countries, including Germany and Japan, while growing up. I now live in California

What is it about your experience and upbringing that inspired you the most to write?

Since we moved so much, I had to adapt to different schools and new people all the time. I always liked to read though, so whenever we got to a new place, I’d make a beeline to the library. Books were my comfort, and I made friends with the librarians and other fellow bookworms.The richness of the library and the sense of a world of stories has always filled me with wonder and excitement.

Name 3 authors and 3 books

Miracle Creek— Angie Kim

Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World — Haruki Murakami

The Housekeeper and the Professor — Yoko Ogawa

What do you think is the best quality a writer can have?

Curiosity and empathy (ok, that’s two qualities!)

Any last words? (Fun facts, comments, something you’d like to share with the world, etc.)

Dark chocolate is my writing companion (I make multiple trips to the fridge to ensure that I haven’t finished all of my stash!).

Challenge: Write a one-sentence story!

New housemate wanted; must love alligators.

The Ghost Bride is one of my personal favorite novels, and I still need to binge the new Netflix adaptation! (After I re-read it, haha!)

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