Made it to Top 10 in NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction Challenge, Round 1!

What a lovely thing to show up in my inbox last night before I went to sleep. I have many writing updates and good news to share. First, I want to announce that I made it to the top 15 for NYC Midnight‘s Flash Fiction Challenge Round #1!!!

For those of you unfamiliar, it’s a challenge in which you have 48 hours to complete a flash fiction depending on the genre, setting, and object you’re given. Then, you’re given points and ranked by judges. Depending on how many points you’re awarded, you then move on to the next round. Everyone who took part in round 1 will proceed to round 2. From there, we’ll see who moves on to round 3.

I’m excited to see what challenge I’ll be thrown tonight. No matter the outcome, I’m really excited for this fun challenge to exercise my creativity and get valuable feedback on my writing!

Hope you all have a happy Friday! Can’t believe it’s the last Friday of August! Where has the time gone?

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