I’m a #pg70pit Slushie Reader!

Thanks to Lara Willard, the lovely host of the #pg70pit Contest, I have the honor of being one of the slushies! You can read more about me in her post #pg70pit Surprises and Slushies, though I’m sure the giveaways are much more intriguing 😉

Happy to be a slushie!

So, I’m going to be on the lookout for MG, NA, and Adult speculative fiction! Lara has all the requirements and guidelines for submission here. Mainly, I’m just voting on entries and nominating favorites for the giveaways, and I’m responsible for ALL the MG and Adult fantasy and sci-fi. Yep, that’s right. ALL OF THEM.

Since I’m only seeing the 70th page of the entries, good writing will the main thing I can really judge by. But as an idea of what I’m drawn to:

  • Fairy tale retellings, motifs, and diction
  • Gothic sensibilities
  • Steampunk
  • Ethnic diversity
  • Strong, smart, and seamless integration of science into the stories, whether it’s biology, chemistry, engineering, etc.

I don’t expect everything I read to match up with my tastes, but that doesn’t matter. Even though I love spec fic, I read amazing books outside the genre all the time.

Also, don’t be shy! Stop by my Twitter and Tweet at me! 😉

I look forward to your entries!

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